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June Competition – Weather

June Competition – Weather:

Apologies for any errors or omissions. I wasn’t present at the June meeting, so all images are from Dropbox, assuming that your first image was the individual entry. Positions are from the scoring spreadsheet. I can adjust anything that’s not quite right.


1st was Dave Hodson with this fabulous close-up:


2nd was Tom with this stunning image of Normanton Church during the recent Northern Light display.

Iain Evans came 3rd with this ‘golden-hour’ coastal scene.

4th was Nigel. (Sorry Nigel, I don’t have your images).


  • First was Tom with more from those memorable aurora evenings:
  • Second was Iain Evans
  • Third, St John
  • Fourth was Sue

Tom’s Group Entry





April Competition – Bottles (PDI)


Apologies for the delay in publishing these results:

This month’s competition subject – projected digital images of “bottles” – prompted some inventive entries.

In first place was Nigel Hume with this well-thought-out still life.

Second was Tom’s smouldering wine rack.

In joint third were Dave’s decanter and Chris Read’s brown bottles. Fourth was Chris with ancient medicine bottles.


February Competition – Annual Portrait Competition

The Society’s Annual Portrait Competition was judged by David Hollingsworth from North East Midland Photographic Federation who provided an excellent critique of the 56 images which members presented.

In first place with “Isla” was Veronica Watson. David described this image as having excellent skin tones and the angle of the head looking across the across from the camera provided a very good composition.

In second place one of our new members with Jayne Williams with “Matt and Emmie”. This mono image had a strong composition with the two subjects engaged and good contrasts right across the image.

In third place was Sheila Rodgers with her image of the unusual Verreaux’s Eagle Owl with a nicely blurred background of the head which filled the frame.

December Competition – Print of the Year

The competition was judged by David Kissman, and members were generally pleased with his helpful critiques and advice on how an image might be improved.

The Print of the Year winner was Sue West, with her image of a Scooter. The judge said it was a risk to photograph the scooter in motion, but it had been well executed and was in a good position within the frame, an outstanding composition.


Second Place was awarded to Veronica for her image of a Winter Swan. It was described as having a pleasant bluish light reflecting the fact it was taken in winter, and the backlight on the right of the image providing atmosphere.


Third Place was In Memoriam by St.John Burkett, which was described as having good use of light, well-positioned verticals and overall a good balance


Fourth Place was Peter Bower with Light Shade and Texture, which was taken in France. It was judged to have good lighting, and using the tree on the right provided a good stop.