Digital Projected Images

Rules for the Digital Projected Images competition

Types of image

Images may be captured by digital camera or digital scanning (by photographer or lab) of negatives, slides or prints.

Displaying images for the competition

The images will be projected by data projector in landscape format at a screen resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels.  Images which are smaller than 1400 by 1050 pixels will be displayed as is (i.e. they will not be made any bigger) and will be automatically surrounded by black as required to fill the displayable area when presented for judging.  (Filling out the canvas size to match the displayable area is now unnecessary.)  If you are unsure how to resize your image please see the instructions on “How to resize your image” below.

Number of images and scoring

You can enter up to 4 images. Your entries will be judged as individual images.  We will collate individual marks to produce scores for the Group competition, as done for the recent Best Landscape Cup competition.

Image size

Landscape images should be a maximum of 1400 pixels wide and 1050 high.

Portrait images should be a maximum of 1050 pixels high. This includes any border or frame around the image. Each entry should be no more than 1mb in size.

If you are not familiar with sizing your images in Photoshop, Lightroom or other editing software than the simplest approach is to download the free Fotosizer Standard edition software, which is very simple to use.

 Image format

Images should be saved as ’jpg’ with sRGB accepted as the colour space.  It is strongly recommended that submitted images should have been converted to the sRGB colour space, otherwise the judge will probably not see the same colours that you do!

Image naming

The file name of each image must match the title as saved.

Image 01 (title)…your name

Image 02 (title)…your name

Image 03 (title)…your name

Image 04 (title)…your name

eg Image 02 (Bay of Fires)…David Townshend


All entries received will be acknowledged by a return email.  Please contact the Secretary 48 hours after sending if no acknowledgement has been received.

Any work submitted after the closing date of the competition will not be included.